The Liberal Party of Lund

Aiming Higher

The municipality of Lund consists of a unique medieval city rich in cultural heritage, quaint surrounding towns and villages, and rich agricultural landscape. Lund has a top-notch university, many international companies and research facilities that attract students, researchers and professionals from all around the world. Here we have an atmosphere of openness and tolerance, and an environment where ideas and knowledge thrive.

But given our advantages, Lund can be even better! The Liberal Party will always be a strong advocate for education, personal responsibility, and allow experience and ambitions to pay off.

In our Lund every person should be able to shape their own life in order to make their dreams come true.

Our Top 5 Priorities

  • A top-notch education system focused on knowledge and quality

  • A better integration policy focused on jobs and the Swedish language

  • A better elderly care with less loneliness and malnutrition

  • A business friendly Lund where ideas are allowed to grow and develop

  • A safer Lund with more visible police officers and more measures against criminality

Sweden's Only Truly Pro-European Party

The Liberal Party is Sweden's only truly pro-European party; we are the only party that wants Sweden to be fully integrated within the European Union, including adopting the euro as our currency. We strongly support the right for people to travel, study, work and retire freely within Europe. In addition, we believe that trade and exchange across borders, also outside of Europe, are necessities for our economic growth and welfare. Many of our challenges today, like global warming, transnational crime and terrorism, can only be properly addressed at the European, or even global, level.

We are inspired by political leaders like Barack Obama, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau. While we are strong supporters of market economy and entrepreneurship, we also believe that society should help and support people in need. We thus believe in a social market economy based on social liberalism.

The Future Starts in the Classroom

The freedom to build and shape your own life starts with knowledge. Knowledge tears down barriers, opens up new ways and strengthens the individual's ability to make his or her own decisions in life. That is why the Liberal Party works so stubbornly for better schools. We want every child, irrespective of background, to grow and develop in the Swedish school system. An equal education system of high quality is the best investment a society can make.

A good education system justifies generous funding. The Liberal Party has always prioritized education in the budget of the municipality. This priority will be even more important in the future due to the large number of children of asylum seekers that have recently arrived to Lund and who also need a school that works for them.

An Integration Policy that Creates Possibilities and Makes Demands

A job, self-sufficiency and knowledge in the Swedish language are key to integration into the Swedish society. Inactivity and welfare dependency must decrease. It is also important that all welfare benefits are linked to participation in various measures, like education or internships.

We want all asylum seekers that come to Lund to get information about the Swedish society, their rights and duties, democratic values and equality.

Political Program for 2022-2026

In our political program Leading Lund with our hearts and our minds, you find all the details about our policies until 2026.

Enjoy Life. All Life Long.

One of the fundamental foundations of liberalism is to see every person as an individual, and not as a representative of a group. We fight for the right of every person to have power over their own life choices.

Therefore we want society to support those who need a bit more help in life. For example, our senior citizens should have more freedom to decide the type of elderly care they need. We also defend the right for disabled people to have an assistant. In our Lund, everyone, irrespective of age, background or disabilities, should be able to live a free and independent life of high quality.

A City where Ideas and Innovations Thrive

Research and innovations are the foundation of a developing society. Throughout the years, many pioneering innovations have been developed in Lund, including the modern respirator, the medical ultrasound, the artificial kidney, and bluetooth.

The university is the foundation for research in Lund. The new supermodern facilities MAX IV and ESS also open up new possibilities. Together with Sweden's oldest research park for high-tech entrepreneurship - Ideon Science Park - Lund has unique possibilities to attract researchers and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

We want to take advantage of these possibilities and continue the development of Lund as a Nordic center for research and innovation - the Nordic version of Silicon Valley.

Freedom is also to Feel Safe where You Live

The rule of law is one of the cornerstones of a liberal society. Because as long as you have to be afraid, you cannot be free.

Prevention is the most important work to counteract criminality. This requires a sound policy for jobs, education and integration.

But there is also a need for a well-functioning justice system that guarantees that make things right when they have gone wrong. Therefore we want more police officers, and we want them to be more visible in public. Until the government has fixed this, we want the municipality to hire its own security guards, to be employed at specific places, like the train station area.